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Vietnam Visa
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Application Vietnam Visa for British

Vietnam Visa Online Application British can apply for an Vietnam eVisa. British can also make an online application for an Vietnam Visa on Arrival or an Online Vietnam Visa to the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security. This is contrary to widespread information for citizens of Great Britain an official way of entering Vietnam. The application needs to made in this case through authorized agents, such as the Vietnam Visa Service Agency (VVSA).

British may also apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Embassy of Vietnam in London. British also have the option to apply for a Vietnam Visa at any other Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission worldwide. Citizens from Great Britain do not need a Vietnam Visa for stays of up to 15 days for tourism purposes (see Exemption from duty on Vietnam Visa).


of the Vietnamese State for Vietnam Visa

Conclusion about Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa Service

British do not have to apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission in London but could do so, e.g. also at any other Vietnamese Mission Abroad worldwide. British who are already abroad do not have to travel back to Great Britain to apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in London. Citizens of Great Britain can also apply for the Vietnam Visa online to the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security through third parties such as the Vietnam Visa Service Agency, which will be issued on entry. This is possible, among other things, if there is no direct flight, ie if one entering to Vietnam via a third country or if one visiting Vietnam for sightseeing as well and travel under programs organized by international tour enterprises and many other reasons. However, the reasons do not have to be stated or substantiated.

Visa Vietnam on Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Entry into Vietnam with a Vietnam Visa on Arrival is only possible via the international airports in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Nha Trang. It is not a Visa in the real sense, but only the confirmation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security to get a Visa at the International Airports which will then issued upon arrival. The Vietnam Visa Approval is recognized by all airlines and it is the guarantee for them that the Visa for Vietnam will be issued at the airport of arrival. This kind of Visa can not be obtained straight at the airport, but must be in advance requested by authorized providers, like the Vietnam Visa Service Agency. The costs for a Vietnam Visa upon Arrival are composed by fees for issuing of the Visa and the cost of application for a permit (see details in here). This is equivalent to about half the cost of the Vietnam Visa from the Vietnamese Embassy in Great Britain and the time as well as the work which one needs to invest for submitting the application is significantly less.

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