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Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Information

Online Vietnam Visa Application A Vietnam Visa on Arrival must be applied for before the beginning of the journey and the entry into Vietnam with a Vietnam Visa upon Arrival is possible only via the international airports in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Nha Trang. A Visa for Vietnam upon Arrival will issued on Arrival in Vietnam , as the name already suggests and not on the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates abroad. The application for a Vietnam Visa upon entry needs to adressed to the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Internal Security and this is only possible via authorized Visa Agencies. If the application has been approved the applicant will then get via email an approval document from the Vietnamese authority with the permission to enter Vietnam and to get the Visa upon Arrival. This official document is a substitute for the Vietnam Visa and it is recognized by all airlines worldwide as equivalent to a full-fledged Visa for Vietnam. The right Vietnam Visa will be then issued by the Vietnamese authorities on entry, so upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. The Vietnam Visa on Arrival is an official opportunity with a multitude of advantages, to apply for a Visa Vietnam and it is a real alternative to the traditional method of applications at the Vietnamese Missions Abroad.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Application

Vietnam Visa on ArrivalIn addition of the possibilities to apply for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival with the difference in the Visa Categories and Visa Runtimes, there are two different kinds of application which differ about the Visa Fees and also the included service.

1. Vietnam Visa with permission

This is the more cost-effective way to apply for the Vietnam Visa upon Arrival and is preferred mostly by backpackers. The fees of the Vietnam Visa on Arrival with permit are composed of the Visa Fees for the issuance of the Visa at the airport of arrival in Vietnam plus the fees for issuing the permit for entry (see details).

In this case, the applicant is given permission to enter Vietnam from the Vietnamese authorities by e-mail if the application was approved. Upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam, the applicant needs to visit the counter of the Vietnamese immigration authority. The Vietnam Visa for the passport will be issued there. The applicant must expect a waiting period of up to two hours in the worst case, depending on the travel traffic. In addition the applicant has still to pay the fees for Visa issuing. These charges are payable in US Dollars which in advance on a bank outside of Vietnam needs to be obtained.

2. Vietnam Online Visa

Visa for Vietnam upon Arrival at the Airport This is a more cost-intensive but at the same time a more comfortable and a safer way of applying for a Vietnam Visa upon Arrival. The fees for a Vietnam Online Visa are higher than for a visa with approval, however, more cost-effectively than for a Visa on the Vietnamese Foreign Missions. The Vietnam Online Visa is preferred by business travelers as well as by package tourists for this reason. The costs for the Vietnam Online Visa upon Arrival already include all fees (see details) therefore it is not required to have available USD, for any surcharges at entry. The Vietnam Online Visa upon Arrival includes a VIP service in addition, so that at the airport on arrival in Vietnam no arises waiting times.

The applicant is given permission from the Vietnamese authorities to enter Vietnam by e-mail, also in the case of a Vietnam Online Visa upon Arrival if the application was approved. The applicant will be expected by an employee of the Vietnamese immigration authority upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. This official will do all the formalities regarding Visa and entry into Vietnam. The issuance of the Visa for Vietnam including passport control, is usually completed after about 20 minutes.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Online Vietnam Visa

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