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Vietnam Visa Requirements According to the entry requirements of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, British, Northern Irish and Welsh citizens need a valid Vietnam Visa for Vietnam as same as citizens from the most foreign countries. The Visa for Vietnam must be obtained on in time before the entry. Citizens of some selected states are exempted from the Vietnam Visa duty for under certain conditions. However, the exemption from the obligation to obtain a Visa is limited in terms of the length of the maximum length of stay as well as the purpose of the entry for purely tourist purposes. For each entry in Vietnam, which serves other purposes as touristy a Visa is required.

Up to a maximum stay of 15 days in Vietnam, citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can enter Vietnam without a Visa but a valid return or ticket forward to next destination country need to be presented upon entry.

According to the entry requirements of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam passports must be valid at least still six months on entry. Every adult and every child must have a separate identity document. Registration notes of the children in a parent's passport are not valid.

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Vietnam Visa Runtimes

Vietnam Visa on Arrival All types of Visa for Vietnam can be obtained for one month, three months, business Visas also for 6 or 12 months and up to 15 days a stay Visa for tourism purposes. Both the fees and the formalities for obtaining are therefore very differently. All types of Visa for Vietnam can be obtained for single entry or multiple entries. On single entry the Vietnam Visa loses its validity as soon as you leave the country, no matter how long the validity would have been. One can leave the country as often as necessary and again enter, during the validity period with a Visa for multiple entries as the Visa does not lose its validity during this period.

Vietnam Visa Deviating Requirements

Vietnam Visa on Arrival For citizens of some countries, there are more difficult requirments for entry into Vietnam. They can not apply for the Vietnam Visa directly on a Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission. The application must be addressed via an authorized mediator directly to the Immigration Authority of the Vietnamese Ministry of Internal Security in such cases. This applies in general to the citizens of Muslim and African countries. In addition to the application for the Vietnam Visa the applicant must also submit confirmed hotel bookings for the entire stay, a copy of the passport, a detailed itinerary in Enlish and copies of round trip air tickets. The cost of the Visa is also significantly higher in these cases than in the normal case. A single entry Visa up to one month stay will be unfortunately approved in these cases only.

Application Opportunities Vietnam Visa

It is not possible to apply for the Visa on Arrival at the airport in Vietnam after arriving. This must be done in any case in advance.

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